Die Softwareentwicklerkonferenz
zu Internet of Things und Industrie 4.0
Köln, KOMED, 4.-6. Juni 2018

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// Call for Proposals

The deadline for Proposals has expired.

The software development conference building IoT will be held in Cologne at the KOMED congress center from June 4 to 6, 2018. Again, the conference sheds a light on the full spectrum of topics connected to the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0, focusing on the technical implementations in an enterprise environment. It covers basics and central aspects, while giving room to present the most important theories, tools and experiences to tap the full potential of existing infrastructures.

The organisers of building IoT are heise Developer, the online channel for software development, dpunkt.verlag, publisher of reference books for the professional computing scene, and iX, the magazine for professional information technology. They invite interested parties to submit proposals for talks (40 and 75 minutes) and trainings (7 hours) on the following topics:

Concepts and basics

  • Fundamentals in hardware, electronics and information technologies for software developers
  • Prototyping, modeling and architecture of IoT systems
  • Testing complex IoT systems
  • User interfaces, UX
  • IoT and Big Data, handling of data streams and analysis thereof
  • Machine Learning in the context of IoT
  • Edge Computing to process data on the devices
  • Industry 4.0
  • Smart Home


  • Protocols and communication standards
  • Microcontrollers
  • Sensors, actuators
  • Robotics
  • Connectivity
  • IoT platforms in the cloud
  • Programming languages, frameworks and libraries
  • Blockchain and Smart Contracts


  • Security and Safety
  • Potential weaknesses of cyber-physical systems
  • Secure data transfer and storage
  • Data protection and privacy
  • Managing and updating devices
  • Distintive features of IoT compared to regular IT


  • Experiences from current and completed projects that have implemented basic IoT approaches and related concepts (project organisation)
  • Experiences with transitioning and expanding software projects into interconnected and data driven products
  • Interaction and integration of different tools (presented in a context of their specific field of application and different scenarios)
  • Best Pracices and Lessons Learned

The organisers are looking for proposals for regular (40 minutes) and longer (75 minutes) session. Trainings are scheduled for a duration of 7 hours (full-day workshops).

Deadline for all proposals (400 - 700 characters) is . Additional material (longer version of the abstracts, slides, Proposals etc.) to support your submission is welcome, too. The finalised programme will be available online by the end of December/early January.

The programme committee comprises of Thorsten Henkel (Fraunhofer SIT), Kai Kreuzer (Deutsche Telekom), Diana Kupfer (codecentric), Dominik Obermaier (dc-square), Tim Weilkiens (oose), and Christian Winkler (Siemens) as well as Rainald Menge-Sonnentag (heise Developer) and René Schönfeldt (dpunkt.verlag).

Should you have any questions regarding the conference or its programme, don't hesitate to contact programmkomitee@buildingiot.de