Die Softwareentwicklerkonferenz
zu Internet of Things und Industrie 4.0
Köln, KOMED, 1.– 3. April 2019

// Databases at the Edge – ObjectBox for Devices and Gateways

Embedded and IoT devices are usually part of a bigger network. With edge computing, the focus shifts away from the cloud to using the computing power of smaller edge devices. However, autonomous edge devices rely on local data storage. This is where embedded databases like SQLite or ObjectBox come into play.
ObjectBox also adds data synchronization: data is distributed among devices, gateways and the cloud as needed. Optional components like MQTT data ingestion ports simplify communication with a wide variety of IoT devices.
We will present benchmark results of databases typically used at the edge. The results indicate that the database choice has a huge performance impact.

Only basic technical understanding e.g. of databases.
English (auch auf Deutsch möglich, wenn gewünscht)

In this presentation, we approach edge computing from a data-centric point of view. Participants of the session learn how to build data-driven distributed solutions. Edge computing comes with its own set of challenges, e.g. constrained devices requiring low memory footprint. New software stacks address this problem and become technical enablers. We help to understand the possible solutions and their implications to enable participants to compare options and ask the right questions.

// Markus Junginger Markus Junginger

is known as the author of widely used open source libraries. With over 30,000 stars on GitHub he is one of the top 1% developers worldwide. For over a decade he has been speaking on international developer conferences. He specialized database software for constrained devices over the last seven years.