Apache IoT: A trip from the chip to the cloud

There’s currently a lot of momentum in the IoT sector of open source. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep track of all of the projects that are available and are currently evolving.
In this talk Christofer takes you on a ride through the projects the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) has to offer. He’ll start this journey on embedded hardware and go all the way up into the cloud. Projects he’ll be talking about (list is naturally subject to change): Apache MyNewt, Apache PLC4X, Apache NiFi, Apache Camel, Apache IoTDB, Apache Kafka, Apache StreamPipes.
He hopes after this session you’ll all know what tools are available in the ASF IoT toolkit and what you can use them for.


- no special previous knowledge necessary


- Overview of what the Apache Software Foundation has to offer and how these options fit together, hopefully easing the pain of navigating this rapidly evolving field




Christofer Dutz
Christofer Dutz schwimmt gerne mal abseits des Mainstreams. Seine Leidenschaft ist es, neue Wege zu beschreiten – sei es, neue Technologien überhaupt erstmal für die Masse nutzbar zu machen oder Etabliertes neu zu kombinieren. Während seiner Arbeit, aber auch privat, investiert er fast seine komplette Freizeit in diverse Projekte bei der Apache Software Foundation.




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