Architecting Ultra-Low Latency IoT Applications with AWS & 5G

Interactive applications like gaming, streaming, ML @ edge, VR, and real-time rendering require latencies as low as single-digit milliseconds. Even with 5G -up to 20x faster than 4G- mobile applications still have to cross multiple network hops when connecting to application servers over the Internet, resulting in latencies of 100+ ms.
In this presentation, we review the main building blocks involved in ultra-low latency IoT applications design. We verify how the applications we design can benefit from 5G and AWS, including the presentation of AWS Wavelength and other cloud services. Finally, we review the industrial applications and use cases that might benefit of such an architecture.


  • AWS basics: networking, security, monitoring and cloud governance.
  • 5G basics: which potential the 5th generation of mobile network has; which specific requirements it covers.
  • Edge Computing basics: what it entitles (constraints, needs); its need in different contexts.
  • Hybrid Architectures (on-premises, cloud): definition, constraints, and needs.


  • Basic overview of the main building blocks of ultra-low latency IoT applications.
  • Understanding of the AWS services available to support the design of critical IoT systems in combination with 5G, besides optimizing costs across AWS Wavelength Zones, Regions, and other services.
  • Determine if the given use case can benefit from AWS Wavelength as a 5G service.
  • Overview of the main applications of ultra-low latency edge-cloud architectures.



Gabriel Paredes Loza
Gabriel Paredes Loza is a professional with deep knowledge in Bigdata, IoT, DevOpS, and Cloud Security solutions leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) technologies. His passion around cutting-edge technologies keeps him with a close eye on new advancements and identifying new ways of solving problems. Following a multi-year experience in the field, he now holds the role of manager and technical lead at Storm Reply GmbH.


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