as building IoT 2024 – Die Softwareentwicklerkonferenz zu Internet of Things und Industrial Internet of Things

The power of information modelling

Semantic interoperability is key for modern system architectures. With having uniformed information models throughout the system from the data sources propagated upwards, applications can naturally understand each other’s data without additional development effort. This does not only allow coexistence of brownfield and greenfield systems beside each other but also an automatic and secure onboarding process. With OPC UA not being another protocol but defining the whole system architecture you can break free from your vendor lock-ins and take advantage of future proof systems and integration into modern topics like DigitalTwins, the MetaVerse, AAS and even DataSpaces.


  • Keine besonderen Vorkenntnisse notwendig


  • Verständnis für die Notwendigkeit einheitlicher Informationsmodellierung durch die gesamte Systemarchitektur ohne stetiger Übersetzung der Informationen in den einzelnen Schichten



Alexander Allmendinger
Alexander Allmendinger On a daily basis, Alexander Allmendinger engages with a diverse range of products and solutions, which are involving various communication protocols. Due to this extensive experience in communication technologies, he has been deeply aligned with the requirement of standardized solutions and semantical interoperability.


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