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EU-project SEMIoTICS demonstrating Local Embedded Intelligence in Wind Turbines

Focusing on IoT integration and platforms, we developed an IoT architecture framework enabling simplified app development, app and network orchestration, deployment of edge applications to the field layer and semantic integration of brownfield and greenfield IoT devices via IoT Gateway with Siemens MindSphere and other 3rd party platforms. The framework was developed in the EU project SEMIoTICS, which tackles the challenge of bringing edge computing capabilities to existing industrial automation systems in a wind turbine demonstrating coexistence of legacy control system and new IoT ecosystem.

In this presentation, we will showcase four use-cases from the wind industry and their evaluations.


  • Node-RED
  • Software Defined Networking (SDN)
  • W3C WoT Things Description
  • OPC UA


  • 4 use cases (3 machine learning + 1 platform interoperability) of IoT in wind industry and their evaluations
  • SEMIoTICS IoT architectural framework
  • Seamless bootstrapping and semantic interoperability of greenfield and brownfield IoT devices
  • Distributed and orchestrated embedded intelligence
  • Simplified enforcement of security and network patterns using SDN
  • Interoperability of IoT devices with different cloud platforms




Vivek Kulkarni
Vivek Kulkarni is currently EU Project Coordinator of IntellIoT (Next Generation IoT) with 20+ years of diverse experience in variety of roles including guiding R&D roadmaps and business strategy in the context of Industrial IoT, budget responsibility for EU funded projects with leading international teams, innovation and general management. Prior EU projects as coordinator: VirtuWind, SEMIoTICS

Darko Anicic
Darko Anicic is a Senior Key Expert in the field of Semantic Technologies for Industrial IoT at Siemens. He is currently working in research areas where machine reasoning and AI is brought to constrained field devices, brownfield automation systems are integrated with standardized information models, and low-code engineering is realized with semantic recipes. Dr. Darko Anicic has been involved in standardization activities of iotschema.org, OPC Foundation, ECLASS e.V. association, World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).






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