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Eclipse Mosquitto 2.0 and beyond

Eclipse Mosquitto is a popular open source project that provides an MQTT broker, client library and command line utilities. The project has recently celebrated its 2.0 release which includes security, performance and extensibility improvements.

This talk introduces the project, gives an overview of the 2.0 release, and discusses features planned for the next set of releases. Some of the planned features include a fail safe infrastructure, dynamic bridge support, a new persistence layer, and multithreading. The Management Center – a new graphical user interface for Mosquitto – is also introduced in this talk.


  • A basic knowledge of MQTT is useful, but not required.
  • The talk is aimed at people potentially interested in using MQTT, and at current users of Mosquitto


  • New and planned features of Mosquitto
  • Capabilities of the new security features and how to use them to control authentication and authorisation on Mosquitto in a straightforward way




Roger Light
Roger Light is the founder and lead developer of the Eclipse Mosquitto project, the first open source MQTT broker. He is based in the UK and is employed by Cedalo AG to work on Mosquitto. Before joining Cedalo, Roger worked for many years as a researcher and professor in the field of electronics and photonics at the University of Nottingham, UK.






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