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Building a Unified Namespace for IIoT with MQTT: A Hands-on Workshop

The Unified Namespace (UNS) is a scalable and highly distributed Industrial IoT architectural approach for real-time data sharing through a central hub, typically an MQTT broker. In this way, the UNS is the single source of truth for all data and information within an organization.

During this workshop, participants will be guided through creating an IIoT solution based on the UNS and MQTT. They will gain insights into the essential aspects of MQTT and explore how to leverage MQTT topics to design a namespace that represents the semantic hierarchy of an organization.

Attendees will receive hands-on experience as they set up both edge and cloud-based MQTT brokers. Using industrial communication protocols like Modbus and OPC UA, they'll also learn how to use an MQTT-enabled gateway to connect to and gather data from machines and devices. This data will then be routed to the edge gateway MQTT broker to create a local UNS.

The participants will then be guided on using the MQTT bridging technique to map the local UNS to a cloud-based MQTT broker to create an enterprise-wide UNS. Finally, the workshop will guide the participants in building a dashboard to visualize and analyze the machine data.


Basic knowledge of the MQTT protocol is advantageous but not mandatory. Macbook, Linux or Windows device for running MQTT edge gateway and machine data simulation software.


This presentation will guide participants in building an end-to-end Industrial IoT Solution using the Unified namespace concept.



Kudzai Manditereza
Kudzai Manditereza is an experienced Technology Communicator and Electronic Engineer based in Germany. As a Developer Advocate, his goals include creating compelling content to help developers and architects adopt MQTT and HiveMQ for their IIoT projects. In addition to his primary job functions, Kudzai runs a popular YouTube channel and Podcast where he teaches and talks about IIoT and Smart Manufacturing technologies. He has since been recognized as one of the Top 100 global influential personas talking about Industry 4.0 online.




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