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Design and integration of MQTT-Based Protocols in Real Life: Lessons Learned at Tier

A deep dive into the real-life challenges revolving around the design and implementation of an MQTT-based protocol for vehicle communication and its subsequent integration into the system of the micromobility provider, Tier. Explore the difficulties, choices made under time pressure, and the consequences of time-constrained design and integration efforts. Learn, step by step, how the API was designed, integrated into the AWS cloud, and subsequently used. Gain actionable insights to optimize your own IoT development and integration projects.


  • Familiarity with MQTT
  • Familiarity with AWS and AWS IoT


  • Understand the challenges of MQTT API design, especially the main constraints to consider under time pressure
  • Explore key considerations when designing the AWS IoT provisioning flow (and certificate management gotchas)
  • Gain actionable insights from real-life, high-scale integration (approx. 70k vehicles connected using this MQTT API)



Max Tkachenko
Max Tkachenko is Engineering Lead with an extensive software engineering background, specializing on IoT connectivity over the past few years.


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